• Welding & Metal Fabrication

    • Industrial Pallets
    • Metal Art
    • Safety guards
    • Mezzanines
    • Industrial racks and carts
    • Toolboxes, chipper repair
  • Hand Rail Systems

    Weld Tech fabricates custom architectural, residential, and commercial hand rails, work platforms and mezzanines. For the past 15 years, we have produced thousands of linear feet of custom rails and take pride in every foot we produce.

  • Industrial Heat Shields

    Weld Tech specializes in ceramic fiber and or refractory lined heat shields used mostly in the steel industry. We fabricate furnace doors, tundish covers, runner covers and many other products that require ceramic fibers or refractory.

  • Tap Hole Drill Guides

    Weld Tech also produces Tap Hole Drill guides for regional steel mills. Most designs include a metal base plate with a refractory layer to protect from super-heated molten metals. These drill guides are consumable/throwaway parts and...

  • Industrial Ductwork

    We offer Industrial ductwork and stack fabrication from 6”-120” diameter per customer specifications in aluminum, mild steel and stainless steel alloys. 16 Ga. – ½” + thick duct with rolled angle or CNC burnout flanges.

  • Valve and Damper Repair

    We will rebuild or replace the entire valve and in some cases, re-engineer the damper to perform better than the original. Once we inspect the damper, we will make suggestions on how to get more life out of the damper and reduce down time.

About Weld Tech

Custom Welding and Metal Fabrication

Weld Tech, LLc. est. 2014 started as a sole proprietorship in 1992, performing repair and fabrication services to local agriculture and arbor businesses. Since then, Weld Tech, LLc has evolved into a metal manufacturing and fabrication job shop offering machining, welding and fabrications of numerous products. Among the products are fabricated handrail, heatshields and drill plates for various steel mills, tree service equipment repair, and CNC plasma cutting, have become key in the growth of …Read More

Industries and Clients Served




  • Cedar Point (Amusement Park)
  • Lakeway Mfg. (Steel Industry)
  • Leimeister Tree and Crane (Crane Material Handling)
  • Prodigal Construction
  • Aero Corporation
  • R&D Equipment
  • Buyington/LEWS Construction
  • Green Tech Ohio, LLC