Knife Gate Valves and Guillotine Dampers

Knife Gate Valves are specifically designed and manufactured to meet the worst working conditions in Pulp & Paper, Mining & Steel, Power & Chemical Industries to handle Dry-Ash, Chips, Fiber contents Pulps etc.. The blade edged is manufactured from Stainless or mild Steel Plates of various grades depending on service conditions. The bottom of the blade is having Knife type edge which can cut through Semi-Solid or Paste type Pulp with possible fiber and or Solid contents, Fly-Ash, Chemicals with solid contents and ensure smooth shutdown operation and tight shutoff. The Knife Gate Valves are available in wide range of Material.

Drive systems to operate the Gate valve can be pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders or gear drive.  Service temperatures range from -50 deg. F to 1100+ deg. F

Narrow profile to fit into tight spaces

Slide Gate dampers are used for isolation of duct or pipe line at the time of maintenance or process. Occasionally, guillotine dampers are specified for bypass ducts.  The basic mechanical elements of the slide gate damper are a blade, seal system to prevent gas leakage at all stages of blade movement, support members for the blade , and a drive to move the blade from open to closed and back again. These dampers are round , square and rectangle in design.

  • Where flow control is not required but positive shut off is mandatory, guillotine dampers are the most suitable choice. Allowable leakage determines the seal design. Rigid seats provide adequate closure, with leakage in the range of 0.4 to 1% of flow. When zero leakage of flue gas is required, a seal air system must be added. Flexible seals reduce air requirements. The one-piece blade provides closure of the duct with minimal leakage at the blade edges. Seals are provided to control leakage where the blade enters the duct section. The blade guides insure smooth operation, self-cleaning and reliable in harsh environments.